viernes, 17 de julio de 2015

Welcome to TwentyPeople International!

Welcome to TwentyPeople International, the international distribution subsidiary of TwentyPeople Europe.
We manage the distribution of TwentyPeople Europe "made by" products and TwentyPeople Europe "made under the authority of" products.
Our distribution center at the moment is GitHub. Click the "Distribution (GitHub)" link above to visit it.

Actual staff of TwentyPeople International:

  • Alexander, Director.
  • Allie, GitHub Distribution; Office manager.
  • Tom, TwentyPeople Europe Developers leader.
  • Don, Advertising.
  • Margaret, Secretary.

Disclaimer: The staff mentioned above don't have to be separate people, alters of the same body are allowed to have different charges.

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