About us

TwentyPeople International (TPI) is a multinational company, subsidiary of TwentyPeople Europe, devoted to the international distribution of TwentyPeople Europe products.
TwentyPeople Europe (TPE) is a software company, composed by the TPE board of Directors and its developers. According to its consitution, TPE doesn't distribute products, only creates them.
Since TPE's products are distributed through Internet, TPI is meant to manage the whole distribution of TPE's products.
Not all TPE products are created by its developers. Some products, with the seal of "A TwentyPeople Europe production", "made by TwentyPeople Europe" or "A TwentyPeople Europe product", are made by its developers. Other products distributed by TPI are not made by TPE, but supervised by them. These products have the seal of approval of TPE, often known as "Made under the authority of TwentyPeople Europe".
Although the non-TPE-made products are made by freelance or alien developers, all the rights under the product belong to TPE, and all the rights under its distribution belong to TPI. So, if it's not a free product, the original developer can't neither distribute or sell it.

TPE's products are often daily-used utilities, such as jCurrency. Most of them are free (libre and gratis) so the source code is distributed alongside the final product.

TPI's bigger distribution center is GitHub. All the public TPI repositories are accessible for everybody. It's also possible to fork the project after obtaining a permission from TPI.

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